is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to the investigation of iconic processes in art and literature. the iconicity research group [IRG] is part of the institute of arts, federal university of juiz de fora, brazil

main topics of research

abductive inference and creativity, diagrammatic reasoning, distributed cognition, cognitive and semiotic artifacts, embodied and situated cognition, intersemiotic translation, intermediality and multimodality, creative translation, art and augmented reality, complex hierarchies

focus of research

relation between multimodality, abductive inference and iconic semiosis, intersemiotic translation and creativity, cognitive niche construction in problem solving tasks through the analysis of diagrammatic thinking


theoretical framework > charles s. peirce’s semiotic, cognitive semiotics, semiotics of art, embodied and situated cognitive science, biosemiotics, intermedial and multimodal studies, computational linguistics, interaction design, hierarchical multilevel systems
experimental frameworks > graph network analysis, augmented reality techniques, artificial life